Farm + Politics

recording October 8,2020 10:01
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What are some of your earliest memories of having a hyggelig time?

Hygge for me is always connected to family. My earliest memories of hygge goes back to visiting my grandparent‘s farm in West-jutland when I was a kid. As I grew older, I associate hygge with spending time with friends more.

Is public debate considered uhyggilig?

Not if we are having a good time and laugh at the end.

Do you think the welfare system and the egalitarianism value are yielding for an imagined sameness in the population?

Danish society has changed a lot. The first immigrant (influx) comes in the 1970s. What you see is a fear of societal changes. As people are coming to Danish society and changing our culture, some national conservatives, for example he Danish People's Party, are trying to keep the society as it is. Right now, Liberal parties and Conservative parties are doing the same. The immigrant integration policies in Denmark is more like assimilation strategies targetting at the Muslim community, because they are not talking in the same way of voting. A lot of things we are trying to do is good, but the way of doing it is wrong.