Take Off Your Shoes Please

recording April 7, 2021 05:21
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Has Denmark made you feel at home?

My life in Denmark is extremely hyggeligt. I was made feel at home by friends that enjoy the same things I do. I think of hygge as a very sunday-mood. To go for a walk with a friend and start with take away coffee by the canals, maybe with a little bun or pastry to follow. At some point we're freezing so the walk slowly transforms into a bar night, having some nice organic wine or a cheap bottle beer from a smokey bodega/pub.. Or to go over for dinner to a friend's place (take off your shoes please) and we make home made pizzas and drink so much wine we end up singing and dancing. It is just to enjoy the little things in a very carefree way.

Is it always hyggelig in Denmark?

I've only ever felt like a minority throughout the visa application processes. Luckily I've managed to sort it out for 7 years. I've learnt the language and learnt to love this culture as it were mine. And now it kinda is.