Racist Old Lady
On The Low Roof

recording April 13, 2021 04:33
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What makes you feel at home?

What makes me feel at home is the familiarity and the comfort. You know who owns the little kebab-shop on the corner, you know what route to take if you want to get the prettiest view of the sunset, you know all the small side streets etc. At the same time, a home is characterized by comfort. It's important to me to feel that I belong.

What is your image of an ideal home?

An ideal home to me is a safe and comfortable place where I don't feel othered. It would be a place where I feel that I can flourish. If I had to think of my home in a more concrete sense - as in an appartment or a house - the ideal would be a spacious living environment with lots of natural light and lamps and a lot of white furniture. A cat would be great as well!

What does being Danish mean to you?

The feeling of 'Danish-ness' is quite an ambigous and vague feeling. As I am minority ethnic, I identify my 'Danish-ness' within that scope. Thus, being Danish to me means being inclusive and respectful of all people, whilst having and giving everyone the freedom to be, who they want to be.

What makes you think of hygge or uhygge?

There are a lot of things that make me think of hygge. I associate hygge with a small group of friends, with hot beverages, with summer evenings by the canals, with inclusion and mutual respect, and I could go on and on. I associate uhygge with symbol-politics, with racism, with discrimination of any form, and on a less serious note, with bright white light!

Tell us a story of living in Denmark as a minority.

I was born and raised in Denmark, so I have quite a few, but recently this experience has been popping up in my head quite a bit. As a child, I grew up with a good handful of minority ethnic Danes in my neighborhood. We would play on the playground, run around in the grass, but we especially had this favorite place to play on. It was a very, very low roof. All our parents knew that we played there and weren't concerned or worried. Even the 'ejendomskontor' (translates to real estate office, but it doesn't quite grasp the meaning) knew we would play there and would just wave and smile at us. But there was continously this older lady, who, for some reason, wanted to get us off the roof. She would shout racial slurs like 'perkerbørn', 'Go back to where you come from', 'You shouldn't be in this country if you don't understand what I'm saying' etc. Whilst this is only a 'mild' experience compared to other ones I have had with racism or sexism, it is a very touching one, as we were only 6-8 years old. Realizing at that age that you are not viewed the same way as your majority ethnic playmates or friends, because your skin is darker or your hair curls differently, is a hard thought to swallow.