Home = Reflection of Self

recording April 15, 2021 15:37
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What makes you feel at home?

I feel at home when I am either alone or surrounded by my family. Familiarity and silence also make me feel at home. To me, home is an environment where you are your truest self and feel peace and love.

What is your image of an ideal home?

An ideal home to me, is a home that is a reflection of me as a person - and reflects aspects of my culture. It has to be balanced, tranquil, cozy and yet stylish and neat. It would be ideal if it also had a minimalistic and earthy twist to it. The ideal home has to feel safe, calm and peaceful. It's also important for me to feel inspired when I look around my home, hence why art is an important element in my ideal home.

What is your idea of hygge?

Being Danish to me is when you are born and raised by Danish people - or when you feel a sense of belonging in Denmark. I don't think I would ever fully feel or be Danish, but I do embrace the Danish culture and values that is implemented in me as a person. Part of me is Danish because I am born and raised in Denmark and somewhat feel a sense of belonging, but I Don't identify myself as a Dane only.

What makes you think of hygge?

Hygge to me is when the vibes are good and there is a sense of coziness. There is not one specific thought on "hygge" because "hygge" comes in many forms. To me "hygge" is when I am surrounded by friends, family, associates but also when I am alone. It is when people are gathered around the same interest, which to me for an example might be talking and laughing, arts, sports or good food. There does not have to be a specific setting nor location - it could literally be everywhere: at a basketball court, in front of the local shop, at the mall, in your living room etc.

What makes you think of uhygge?

"Uhygge" is when the vibes just aren't there and when the energy isn't good. You can be surrounded by friends, associates, family or whoever, gathered around the same interest, but if the vibes aren't there, it just isn't hygge. Good vibes and energy are essentials when speaking of hygge.