TY For The Reminder

recording April 19, 2021 03:47
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What makes you feel at home?

Feeling safe makes me feel at home. Being loved develops that place I call home. My image of this home is filled with my things, things I have found or brought and reminds me of where I have come from and who I have become.

What does being Danish mean to you?

Being Danish is to create a home, however, the hygge aesthetic is something I cannot relate to.

What is your idea of hygge and uhygge?

Uhygge for me is struggling to water my plants and yet they are surviving. Me storing objects in bookcases that others believe don't belong. Me placing too many things on my desk until it becomes unusable. Hygge is me becoming used to the sound of people renovating their home in Denmark to make it more hygge, during a pandemic since they finally found the time.

What is it like living in Denmark as a minority?

Being a minority in Denmark is scary. I am different, I look different, and I am often times reminded that I am different. In March, I was sick with COVID and a Danish friend messaged me asking if I was okay. She mentioned in her message that it must be tough being sick while far from home. As she was being thoughtful, she didn't realize that she was reminding me that Denmark is not my home. That I don't have a place here.